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Monday, October 5, 2009

School performance - N2, K1 and K2

Today, the N2, K1 and K2 prepared a musical special for all parents.
Theme : Marine, which also includes PeterPan and gang.

Teacher Caroline job's was very challenging, as the kids were having fun among themselves, sometimes forgeting teacher's que haha.

Freeze, settle-down are new words Daddy learn today.
Video : N2 walk in

Video : N2 Kang is yellow fish

Video : These N2 boys.girls look funky, with makeup and punky hairs.

Video : K1 group had the most laughter

Video : K2 introduction, Wei plays John, in Peter Pan.

Video : Captain Hook got a catch

Video : Prisoners of war, but still so jovial??

Video : Let us avoid the naughty pirates !

Video : we are Free !

More video and pictures here --> http://s892.photobucket.com/albums/ac124/penglee1/20091005LVcecil/

Daddy: We spent an hour in school today to watch the kids' performance. The kids put up a skit, and although we adults sometimes miss out the storylines, the kid's enthusiasm and laughter rub off on us. We are proud of all these kiddos.

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