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Monday, October 19, 2009

Princess can turn now :) and Yi cracks egg

- Mei can turn
- Yi crack eggs, and sleeps alone
Video : 4.5 months old, our mei mei Ah Xin can turn now.

In school, Yi learns how to crack a egg.
Small kids now do not even know their Eggs come from chicken, example they think KFC chicken is just meat, and not from chicken !!

Video : Yi cracks an egg

Afterwards, Kang also insist he wants to crack an egg !! Talk about jeaslousy, every kids want Mummy/Daddy's attention :)

Daddy and Mummy are very proud that Yi can now sleep alone in his room, without any coaxing. Just pat him, and he will knock off.
His two elder brothers still need to negotiate with Mummy who sleep where.
Daddy got headache a again.

Kids are growing up fast.

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