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Saturday, October 3, 2009

嫦娥 Chang(2) Er(2), where are you?

It is a cloudy Mid Autumn night, and we spend the evening at Tua Koo's place.
And the afternoon rain did not help to give us a clear Bright moon.
So Daddy took another moon (Eclispe) from www.photoshopdemon.com
Daddy say this Moon is famous because of Heroes (what ?? @$%^)
Picture above also capture traditional 中秋節 (mid Autumn festival) goodies.
We have You (3), Mooncake, and Te(1) Kia(4).

Final check, Candle ok
Everybody got a lantern ?
Video : Let's go
Because it was drizzling, we could only stay in the carpark pouch.
Video : It was Fun.
Daddy : Did you notice are Lanterns are not running on batteries :p
Rabbit above is from Change Er wiki -->http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chang%27e


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