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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Studio shoot @ BabyU (part 2)

Today, Daddy collected all the photos and frames from BabyU.
We went for our studio shoot almost three weeks ago.
The portraits turn out very nice, and everybody look like a little Star.

Wen Xin 雯锌, our darling Mei Mei. She was beaming for the camera.

Wen Yi 文驿, Green and Red goes well together. He had fun throwing the apples later on.

Wen Kang 文康, he was surprisingly cooperative :)
Kang is least enthusiastic about photo-taking, but he was Game.

Wen Wei 文伟, our big brother, decides to play rogue, and throw his button away.
Sweet and hunky.

Wen Yi again, he got two shoots as Brad likes him.
He is chewing a sweet, that explains why he was so obedient in front of lens keke.

Daddy : we had fun during the shoot, although it was tiring to get the kids to Fall-In and get ready at times. Daddy was perspiring hunting down the kiddos !!
Between, we did not have foundation nor makeup.
Everything is natural, and this is BabyU's style.

Preparation --> http://sengkangbabies.blogspot.com/2009/10/studio-shoot-babyu.html
Contact Brad and team at http://www.babyu.com.sg/gallery.html or
Facebook them at "BabyU International Photo Studio".

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