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Friday, October 30, 2009

Tooth fairy visited Wei

Have you noticed that our 大哥 seems to be missing something in his smile ?
Four of Wei's front teeth has loosen and dropped off. (since Aug)

Luckily, these are all milk teeth, and will be replaced soon.
It is tough for Wei to eat or bite his food, and he has to rely on his molar more often :p

In school, Teacher Sharidah is always the one to pull out children's tooth.
She is not a sadist, but rather, it takes some courage and nerve, to be able to help children relieve their tooth.

You have to shake the tooth front and back to loosen it, before you pull it out with your thumb and index finder. It can be bloody affair at times. Yucks.

So Wei can be excused, if he choose not to say "Cheese" infront of Daddy's camera :)

On the other hand, whenever a toddler is teething, it is another uncomfortable experience.
They will suck their thumbs, so as to sooth their gums.

Saliva flows everywhere, and sometimes the new tooth will bring out a fever too.
Child can lose their appetite and in worse case, affect their sleep.

Dilemma, to lose or to grow a teeth.

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