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Friday, October 23, 2009

Daddy reservist cycle is finished - MR already

What is MR?
It means no more IPPT (fitness test), no more ICT (In camp Training), and no more recalls or Mobilisations!!

Daddy is going to miss IPPT, as this forced Daddy to get fit (or risk RT).
It takes stamina to catch the kids.
Daddy will also miss catching up with his comrades.

Today, we get to adorn Daddy's army accessories, and pretend to be soldiers.
Do we look like "Band of Brothers" and Sister ?

On a side note, whenever Daddy goes Reservist, Mummy suffers.
She has to handle all four kids, and bring us to/fro from school.

During Bmt, we yearn for ORD, during Reservist, we look forward to MR.
What is MR again? M.R stands for Mindef Reserve.

We were Soldiers and comrades yesterday,
and will remain Buddies and friends tomorrow !!

ps.. so much lingos in army terms (the uncouth versions are censored :p )

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