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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Redang Day 3 - beAch

Subject - Mei Mei in her Boeing 747
Big brother baby seating
Video - singing lullaby

Buffet again..
10min walk daily... to and fro

Video - knock knock, let' go and play now !!

Halfway through posing, Yi got attracted to something..
A buggy
Finally, the sandy Beach and waves is ours to savour
Video : waves

Video : Yi is tired today, and cries easily :(

Sand play, and plenty of photographic backgrounds, Sun, Sand , Babes, and Hunks :p

Video : sand and shovel

Video:Wei enjoying the waves

Video: Daddy surveying enemy fortress

Enemy is coming, get ready !!
Video : BatttleStation..attack !!

Lee family in trench (minus Ah Yi)
Mummy and Ah Xin
Video : 100m dash , someone fell down :)
Ah Yi small body is too tired from yesterday's swims :p
Lack of sleep make little boy grouchy.
Video : Mummy and Wei using their buttocks to stop the waves ??

Video : little ladies bunk into their shell-script

Video : Xin does not mind the sand or muddy water..maybe facial?

Arty incoming!! Everybody quickly hide inside shell Script.
Video : Mission over

Video : Cover up

Video : we took the opportunity to bury Wei hee hee, and he was game.

Wei stucked
For some reasons, Kang hate the waves, and he was contented with Sand.
Kids did not forget to disturb Redang's feline!! Poor kittens.
Kang like to perm his hair to stand
姐弟 sibling clothings :p (wait Daddy go find jumpsuit act cute)
Our corridor, Kids can have fun everywhere, anytime !
Fun at the pool

Video : water babies snapshots..

Video : Underwater

Video : Xin looks relaxed

Lunch and Dinner at same Restaurant. Ironically, this restaurant was nearest to Resort and we skipped it on Day 1. We also followed the lamp chops.

Video : Dinner, Fish, calamari, vegetables, Omelette, soup for RM70.

Daddy : The sand at Berjaya Resort is white and refine, and very child friendly. Daddy had a lot of fun exploring his new undewater camera, although he did not have chance to snorkel further for better corals and fishes. Pity.
This is Xin's first oversea trip with us, and her first swim too !! Kudos to our heroine. Weather was superb, and it allows us to maximise our Fun.
After a hectic and tiring day, the kids dozes off easily and soundly at night.
Mummies took the opportunity to pamper themselves with a SPA .
The Daddies? We babysit :p

What a SplasHing third Day !!

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*updated 2010May - if you love our Redang review, visit our Krabi blog

*updated 2010May - if you love our Redang review, visit our Krabi blog

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