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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nestle Health and You preview - 27/28Aug

We talk about Nestle's Health and You event two weeks back. If you plan to buy some nutritious snacks for anybody, from babies, teenagers, adults senior citizens, and even pooches, do drop by

Suntec City, Sat and Sun Hall 402 to 404 from 10am to 8pm.

We notice individual pricing is not much cheaper, but you will be able to get some savings by buying in bundles. Do look out for newspaper cuttings on Friday and Sat for additional discounts and promotions.

There will be numerous health talks organized over the weekends too.

and lucky draws..

and games :)

We pop by this afternoon for a sneak preview, maybe to do some shopping. Kids had fun munching on everything and anything, sampling sweet, spicy, sour stuffs.

Too bad the kids activities will only be available over the weekend.

Celebrities Bryan and Michelle were there to launch Nestle's new coffee machine Dolce Gusto. (priced at $199, more photos at our fanpage)

For our kids, it was Kit Kat and Ipad games.. we got stuck at this booth for 30 minutes haha!

Our friendly Kit Kat ambassadors

You might be interested in Ms Tam Chiak's review.
Do pop by our fanpage Nestle album to browse through the various activities for your family this Nestle weekend.

Happy weekend to all :)
( For our Singaporean friends, remember to vote first :p )



  1. Oh the doggie is soooooo cute!

  2. I think it quite old liao, and my kids were trying to "friendly" but maybe too enthuasistic :p


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