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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nestle's Health and You 2011

Who does not love chocolate or for that cocoa-matter, which kid can resist KitKat :p

The kind people at Nestle sent us a NDP goodie bag. Besides KitKat and Milo,
we even have engraved bowls and mug, so thoughtful :)

Kids already decided what they wanted for breakfast or tea break keke..

What is this I-am-not-a-fun-pack bag? We knew about Singapore's hooha fun-pack-lady-gaga
but why Nestle's bag is different?

Nevermind, Daddy choreograph our own rendition of Kopi-o-o-0 song.. (hope we will not get sued :p )

Back to serious business, Nestle wants you to know about "Health and You 2011".
Besides health talk and nutritional guides, there are also games and entertainment for families.

"Eat Well, Be Active and Stay Healthy Together." See you there.

Date : 27th & 28th August 2011
Time : 10am to 8pm
Venue : Suntec Singapore Hall 402-404

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks Christine for her kind recommendation and sponsor :)

**updated 2011Aug 27 - we went for the preview



  1. its been a while since my last visit.. haha babies are stiil so adorable as always.. =)

  2. yup Casley, u went MIA for so long.. luckily the kids are still cute. Welcome back :)

  3. :D u are indeed the eldest child Andy :D

  4. u mean the kopi-o-o-o? wahaha :)


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