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Thursday, July 1, 2010

shopping for camera bags - not so easy

Shopping for a camera bag is not so easy after all..
so many brands..so many varieties..mind-boggling
Must be fashionable, and yet affordable.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~
from Darren Rowse--> http://digital-photography-school.co...or-your-camera/

All designs and assortments.

.. some of the brands recommended by fellow forumers in Clubsnap :
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Mass sales - winer (by member winer campbags)
Lowepro (flipside)
Think Tank Streetwalker
Nat Geo Walkabout Medium Rucksack.
Lowepro Primus Minimus only
Off Trail 1
Think Tank Rotation 360
$5 messenger bag from beach road,( diy foam protection !)
~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Daddy's Requirements
budget - $150 and below
Bag - easy access, preferable single click to open bag
Capacity - holds one DSLR, one compact, and one extra lens
Water proof - I would assume most camera bags are water proof?
Design - I like messenger type of sling

ps.. I am now using free-gift Nikon bag, look like Uncle shopping in wet market

Visit Clubsnap for all your photography needs.
Credit ..above camera bags are taken from http://www.squidoo.com/camerabags

**updated 2010Jul - Daddy bought the Lowepro Slingshot 202


  1. **foot print**
    blog walking..! :)

  2. I have always been a crumpler supporter! I think I have four crumpler camera bags. :D

    They are well padded and stylish!

  3. Think you can strike off kata 3n1 backpacks(the photo), i have it but i don't use it as often, as it's quite heavy and not spacious enough for personal items (hp, wallet, etc) but it does secure the camera & extra lens very well and comes with a raincoat for the bag.

    Probably you could check out Lowepro's versapack and classified 250, would be in slightly around 100+, comes with raincoats for bags and rather lightweight. If you want something lighter, can consider the passport sling too, it's less than 80.

  4. oh, just to add, if you are looking at lowepro bags, can try them out at cathayphotos.

    kata, national geo and tamrac, can go to sim lim sq 5th flr. the only camera shop on that level, if i rmbr correctly, you'll see alot of tripods as its window display.

  5. Kelly, welcome back :)

    Kelvin and Xinyun, thks for heaps of tips.
    I need to squeeze some time to go shopping :)


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