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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Belly Armor, even our babies need protection ??

We were out shopping for Wen Xin's new car seat, and we saw something interesting. Initially, Daddy thought it was body armour (read bullet proof),
and was wondering why does pregnant ladies need Armour?

We went closer. The brand is "Belly Armor", not "Body Armour".
Daddy is even more curious now.

From Belly Armor's product website,

1) they have Three products to shield babies from harmful radiation.

2) radiation sources, and ways to minimise radiation exposure.

3) phones and PDA which emits lowest or strongest radiation
Blackberries are harmful? what about iPhones :p

Science researchers have been trying to tell us that we humans are constantly exposed to radiation. Notebooks, pda, TVs etc.

Belly Armor claims their material can shield up to 99.999% of radiation (60db).
The manufacturers are so confident, that they want you to to try their
"Cell Phone test" !!

So, is there any Mummies or doting Daddies out there who are willing to buy a Armor for your loved ones, both Mummy and baby?

If our Mommy is pregnant again, we might consider an Armor :p
For more interesting information, and product info, visit Belly Armor.
(protect your child against harmful everyday radiation)


  1. woo.. interesting eh? Maybe will buy it for my pregnant sis and SIL. hehe

  2. that's an awesome name.

  3. @zzannyy : Please feedback ok, if product is comfortable.

    @Scottsman : awesome price too keke

  4. wow.. belly armor.. nice name haha.. =)

  5. Hmmm...I think I would not even bother....its like so...extra.

    Radiation is always there...but that amount isnt even sufficient to do any harmful effects!

  6. haha Kelvin, one man's meat is another's poison.
    We each have our own opinions :p

  7. **foot print**
    Lolx... hope is not late to buy this for my sis in law..!! gonna welcome a new born next month..!!
    Thanks for your nanged..
    Nanged back and clicked on ur adv as well. ^^

  8. hi Kelly, if your sis's baby turn up super-handsome, or pretty, must feedback ok.


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