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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sembawang Splash Park (ii) - with our cousins

Last Friday, we went to Sembawang Splash Park again.
We last went there in April, and we thought our cousins
should experience some water fun, under the hot sun :p

We warm up at the dry playground, since the water-pumps have not started yet.
Kids are free to roam their playground.

We hear water, we hear splash! Let's go get wet !!
Everybody, BattleStation !!

Wei and Kang keep on hanging around this periscope-looking device.
They will Spray anybody who dares step into their kill-zone. No mercy !

Video : Kang ambushed Mummy

The women? They form their own playgroup.
You would notice that our cousins always take special care of Wen Xin.
So Sweet :)

Video : catch some water

When you have company, we multiply our F.U.N factor.

Video : run, Daddy is coming!

Candid moments, our cousins feel right at home.
No inhibition is necessary !

Video : POW treatment

Video : Where is our shampoo?

Aston for lunch. Yummy.

Daddy : Wen Xin got the "Commando" award this time.
When we came here last round, she adopt a touch-and-go attitude.
We thought little girl maybe shy? But she really surprise us this time round.

** Cute siblings entertaining themselves...



  1. I actually discovered your blog because of the comment you left on Sembawang Splash on someone else's blog. I'm going to check it out next week!

  2. Must be Mummy Rachel-LiveJournal :)
    Bring kakis along, for more FUN keke..


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