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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Malacca Day 2

Map of Melaka town. Melaka is Malay for Malacca.
Map also indicates things to do while in Malacca.

From the map, we can cross a highway to reach Mahkota shopping grounds,
but this is not recommended when you have kids in tow.

We can also see Local-Landmarks from our corridor.

Family portrait (minus Photographer Daddy)

We went swimming after breakfast..
This pool is cool, as you can see the sea-horizon overt the edge!!
Can you imagine swimming from pool to sea? Wow !

The kids love the pool, it is shallow at one end,
and we could have stayed longer, if we do not need to checkout early :)

After checkout, we head over to Mahkota Parade again.
Luckily, we found Hatten Square nearby, and parking was free during promotional opening.

Be warned, Mahkota Parade is hugh, and comprised of a few shopping centres.
You can easily get lost in the basement maze !

Lunch at a Sushi outlet, but Wen Xin kept looking at the Sakura Fuji backdrop...

... and Wen Yi kept staring at empty plates.. where is my chawamushi?

Full of activities to entertainment the kids...
- we have pinball, balling, golfs, and sand Art.

While adults shop, children entertained themselves.

We whack Barney and BabyBop's backside too :p

Video : North South highway, on the way home.

More on Holiday Inn Melaka.
Hotel staffs are very friendly, room and buffet breakfast are good.
Carpark feels secure, and is not dimly lit.

If you do not drive, Hotel might be a bit far off, with a major highway separating Hotel from Mahkota Parade.
Equatorial hotel is another popular choice with Singaporeans, as shopping is available at doorstep !

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  1. thks for visiting Ken. Food is enough reason for me to drive up to Malacca haha

  2. when is next convoy?

  3. hi anonymous, do I know you? We have no plans for convoy yet. If you are interested, you might want to consider Safra or the car-makes forum (eg Toyota, Honda) for mass-convoy. It is always more fun (And safer) to drive in as a group.


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