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Monday, May 10, 2010

Announcing 2010 Omy special Nominee - Sengkangbabies

Hip Hip hurray!!
OMY has nominated our blog as "special nominee".

We have registered ourselves for Omy's 2010 Singapore Blog Award back in April, and we already feel like a winner !!

But Daddy would not mind, (if we are lucky enough to be finalist)
if you wish to nominate and send us packing to Hongkong 3D2N :p

Between, the video was beautifully crafted, as you see our kiddos at their best :p
Naughty, Active, and Energetic. FUN !
This is Sengkangbabies.

Video : Omy Special Nominee - our family video clip

Original video clip, HD quality :p -->

..for video introduction of two other "hot special nominees", visit them at Omy :
- Chrispytinetoo
- WhiteCrystal

So, support us, to see more of our lovely babies.
Special thanks to OMY's SK and team for video-invitation.

video editing is professional, as Mummy and Daddy's shoutings in the background are Censored. We were trying to ask the kids to "coordinate" with us :p


  1. so cool! all the best and good luck! =)

  2. best of luck! Sengkang babies go go go!!!

  3. Congrats on being featured! It's way cool!

  4. good luck for the award :)
    I miss Singapore...

  5. thank u all, for your best wishes :)

  6. hello kelvin, you are the funny onion. I like your humour keke. In case u not aware, we are already winners :)

  7. Steady bro...will vote and support u !!!

  8. thanks Johnny, I guess only parents will vote for us. Singles (and males) will vote for other nominees haha

  9. hey andy congratulations :)
    nice video and it makes me smile
    what a lovely family
    I can imagine how proud your kids were when they show the blog to their friends
    keep blogging !

  10. yo Rachel, thks for compliments.
    Video is censored :p
    You do not hear Daddy/Mummy screaming at the background haha.
    We gave kids 9/10 for being spontaneous !


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