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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Visit to Singapore Crocodile Farm

**updated 2012Jul - Crocodile farm has closed in 2012Feb :( There is a historic crocodile farm along Upper Serangoon road.
Daddy brought Wei and Kang to disturb some crocs today.
Not too difficult to spot the Crocodile Farm from the road, just look out for the brown fence.
Then follow Croc-signs

Video : One bored Croc

Local 4 legged Residents, do not stand too near to ledge, as the Crocs can leap 2m !!
This is Farm owner's adjacent house, he or she is 2 legged :p

The crocs are housed in cement enclosure.
Wei is tall enough to watch over wall. but Kang need Daddy to hug.

Not too near !! Wei and Kang squatting next to 4m croc !!
And they were shouting, "Hello Mr Crocodile , wake up" !!

Video : Croc thought we are food?

Some artifacts on display, and Wei posing next to skull.

Luckily, we do not need to wash our laundry along the rivers nowadays!!

Daddy say he will not be scrubbing any Croc anytime soon !!
Look at largest captive Croc, measuring 6m and 1200Kg.

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