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Friday, December 18, 2009

Fort Canning park

School is closed today, so we went for Tim Sum breakfast, before we climb some slopes at Fort Canning. Look at us jumping jacks.

, we did not know people come to this Fort Canning for ROM
(Registry of Marriage). Daddy told us he and Mummy
tie their knot here, about 10 years ago :p

So along the way, Daddy will ask us to pose at strategic
steps, corners, trees, artefacts etc.
Then we can compare before/after, ie where did Daddy romances Mummy last time.

Video: running non-stop

Some artefacts do not change.. only major change is the Tunnel.

As long as kiddos can run and jump, they like the Greens.
As today is a weekday, we had the whole park to ourselves :)

Mei Mei Wen Xin did not complain much, as she was enjoying the scenery,
and her brothers making jolly.

Sweet memories..

Mummy and Daddy could never imagine being surrounded by
so many kiddos after 10 years !!

Daddy wants us to snapshot some "jumping" shots. This is very difficult to coordinate. Our jumps were not synchronised, or Daddy's camera shutter lags haha.
** We did have fun trying !!

If we have more time, Fort Canning is surrounded by stories..

But boys will be more interested in Guns, Swords Canons..

Taking a rest, everybody were drenched..

Video : While we take a break, Wei tease Ah Xin.

Daddy : We did not know there was a reservoir on top of the hill,
but alas it is fenced up.
We did see a few happy couples with ICs in hand today, Congrats !!

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