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Friday, November 27, 2009

Singapore Flyer and Marina Barrage (i)

Singapore's Muslims celebrate Hari Raya Haji today, and it is a holiday for all. Daddy brought us to Singapore Flyer and Marina Barrage.

Flyer was very quiet in the morning, no jam.
Good for us, as only three families, share the cabin :p

舅舅's family joins us for the ride.
Our first portrait sums it all. We like the ride, day or night :p
The young photographer looks less than 20, but she manage to get everybody to focus for the shot !! Cool.

Waiting patiently, and eagerly

It takes 30min for Flyer to complete one rotation, but time flies when when we are engrossed with the sights, and photo-taking :p
The kiddos could not stop chattering, out of excitement.

Video : Climbing up

All the children, come and pose now. Kara and Joley were busy climbing up and down.

Video - paranomic view

We got clear blue sky, and unblocked view.

Wei got his own camera today, and he took some really nice shots.

Wei's pictures.

Wei trying more self-shots

What can x12 Zoom camera catch?

Saying hello to next Cabin

Video - reaching the top

Our cabin reach the top, and we see Mummy's office !!

Video - What is spiderman trying to do?

Kang with a map

Video - touchdown

Daddy : if bringing kids along, go for Day trip., eh ..more things to see.
Bringing beau, and planning romantic evening? Avoid 6-7pm as this is Flyer peak hour, and cabin will be packed :p

Time to say bye bye to Flyer.

If you think our Flyer trip is fun, Marina Barrage is even more exhilarating, and it is FREE !!

Please Visit Part (ii) MarinaBarrage.

Sneek preview..Video : Sexy boy

**updated 2011 Sep - visit our Night Flyer experience


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