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Friday, November 27, 2009

Singapore Flyer and Marina Barrage (ii)

Yi telling Kara, if go Flyer again, must call me ok.
From Marina Barrage's open area, you get a Paranomic view of CBD.
Slowly but surely, Marina Sands capping work (the Sky Park) is finishing...
Sands will have a 200m high swimming pool, but do we have to pay to swim :p
Video :Prime land for picnic and kites

It is hard to ask the kiddos to settle down for a shoot.
Video : Run faster

Weather was hot, but at least we got a lot of breeze..Mummies stayed in the shelter.
Has this construction got anything to do with Marina's Dam?
Emotional Yi, maybe he just recovered from illness?
The little ones asking their 哥哥to play Cow? So bad.
The kiddos were roaming all over the open field, are they not tired?
Small Jetty, kids are asking whether Ride is free?
Video : Let's run to our swimming pool

Where is the entry point for Fun?
Video : Water play starts

Video : you do not need Swim trunks or costumes :p

Kiddos need to warm up first? Shy? No way ...
Video : running under the water

What the other baby girls doing while the boys frolick in water?

Video : Daddy kept dry under these fountains !!

Own time own target, no restrictions !!
Yi had no problem charging into the waters
Video: Hello, time to go home!!

Dark cloud looming... signal to pack up.

The distant Flyer and buildings still look magnificent, Rain or Sun.

Marina Sands is not up yet, but URA's helicopter view will give you a heads up.
Video from URA -->

Daddy : Flyer cabin is like a birdcage? And what happen when the birds are released at Barrage? Kiddos bring out their own Fun.
Fun needs no Hesitation, and certainly no Introduction !!

Please visit Part(i) Flyer.


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