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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Little India walkabout

Yesterday, Indians celebrated Deepavali, another common term is Divali-Festival of Lights.
Daddy brought us to Little India for a walkabout today.
With some help from Tourism board, we survived a mini maze.
The Hindi music blasting in the background kept us Cool..
Sons must be wandering why Daddy brought them to Little India? No playground? no pools, no toys :p
Sons are only acquainted with some Bollywood sidekicks, or dance-around-tree performances :)
Daddy hoped they will grow up to appreciate Singapore's multi-cultural environment. What better way to see the Indian way of life, than to immerse ourselves in LittleIndia?Video : Narrow footpath

Deepavali Carnival was here yesterday night.
Video : Footpath 2

Everybody crowded a TV broadcasting Hindi serial.
Noticed there is a Mosque and Church inside LittleIndia?
Daddy say we should be proud of Singapore's cultural melting pot.
Suddenly, Daddy quickly make a U-turn, as we were heading towards RedLights District ooops.. We notice more and more sexy aunties !!
Video : Jaywalk

Daddy : Normally, when we drive along Serangoon or RaceCourse road, you do not see the hive of activities within heart of LittleIndia.. It was eye-opening trip for Daddy, and the buildings are very authentic too.
Full circle, we have completed one loop in under 2.5 hours
Take a break, let's Yum-seng. Boys never complained they were tired.
Ready to go Home.
Video : Train is here..

Video : Night shoot

Daddy : Parents with stroller beware, the five-foot way is narrow, and packed with Goods, and human traffic. It might be easier to navigate main road (jaywalk), but please watch out for cars.

Some Indian friends found it bemusing for Chinese Daddy and Boys to venture into LittleIndia, and mingle for photographs :p

Daddy managed to bundle all three boys to LRT, then MRT from Sengkang to LittleIndia station. Luckily, the boys were quite well behaved on the trains, Daddy was worried someone will Stomped us, and complain about noisy kids again :p


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