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Friday, October 9, 2009

2009Oct - Redang 热浪岛 Day 1

Today is the day, when Lee and Tan families fly to Redang, for our weekend getaway.
We will be flying Berjaya Air, and staying at Berjaya Redang for 4D3N.

All packed and ready
Seletar airport is situated in Seletar Camp, in some ulu corner.
We have not been to this airport before, and even our propeller plane is our first try. After a few twisting left/right, our taxi uncle brought us to our Terminal.

We have cleared custom. No Contraband.
Look at Xin, she knows we are going for a holiday.
All the kids are anxious..where is our plane?
Video : Our plane in Sight!!
Actually camera is not allowed, but.. we cannot resist ..snap sNap.
Video : Takeoff

View of Airport strip..
Chloe is quite a little talent, providing inflight entertainment, and she can sing well too :)
One photo before takeoff.
Yi is No1 when it comes to playing who-sleeps-first :)
Video : Touchdown, after a short 90 min

Kids pose again.. noticed we got a Ben10 gang. Fierce !!
Views of Redang and surrounding island from the top is splendid.
Waiting for Taxi at Lobby
Video : F1 Buggy

Our HillView room layout. Or you can add 100Rm for SeaView.
**We were ready to settledown, when the kids screamed Ants aNts!!
Literally hundreds of ants had camped in our room, luckily we could switch room.
Would hate our babies to become ant bait when we sleep.

Restaurant with view of pool, it sure kept the kids excited.
In the evening, we trek outside to kampung for dinner. It was very dark, but luckily Isaac got a handy torchlight. Some forumers had recommended the second restaurant "Hamze", but our experience proves otherwise. Maybe we got the wrong stall in the dark??
Price is cheaper than Resort's, but quality is only so so. RM 140 for 4 adults, and 5 kids.
After dinner, we investigated the recreational facilities in our resort.

Yi and Xin were knocked out for the evening, as it was a tiring day for them.

Wei and Kang still got to work on Daddy's fish bait :)

Video : fish bait in bottle

Daddy : the flight was comfortable and short. Earplug is not necessary for kids, as we had initially thought propeller plane would be Louder. However, passengers could be more "sensitive" to turbulance, due to smaller air-frame (48 seater).

However, a little turbulance is nothing, compared to sored backside from eight hour coach ride :p Would definitely take air route for future Redang trips!!

Hassle free
1220 - Depart from Seletar Airport
1350 - Arrival at Redang Airport
1445 - clear custom, and reach hotel

*Marine Park conservancy fee - RM5 Adult, and RM2.5 kids. You need to pay this on arrival.

References to bait you

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