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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trip to Singapore Science Centre

Today is Teacher's day, and we celebrated with an outing to Science Centre (SC).
Daddy cannot even remember when he last went to SC, but the building facade looks identical as yesteryears.
We reach there around 1030, and left at 1430. There are tons of exhibits to keep us occupied and intrigued, allowing your creative juice to run wild.

**picture above - Wei, where is your body?

T-rex exhibit at the entrance (Omni)

Video : Dance dance groovy

Exhibits #1 (music, aquarium, nets, flower, heads, shark)
"Heads" in fruit-platter is alway a favourite photo subject.
Daddy did not understand some of the exhibits, very cheem(1).

Video : aquarium

Video : smoke, ring, puff ...

Video - tadpoles..and low roof (only Kang and Yi can stand upright)

Radiation alert - kids are running wild. SC is cool.

This Telsa Coil is crowd favourite. (reminds Daddy of Command&Conquer game)
However, Kang was scared, and kept hiding behind Mummy :p
Video : zap Zap..ballon explode

Camera crew in real broadcasters.

*Video : Big Bad wolf and three little pigs... howl hoo hoo
Video : raw musical talents :)
Take a break, have a kit-kat.
or alligator??
Video : Yi is too small to understand the exhibits, so he just run around to punch/poke every button, and squeeze every lever.
Whatever his Kor Kor do, he will see, memorise, and repeat :)

F1. Boys trying out the various F1 equipments. Even Ah Xin got a Mclaren stroller.

Video : excercise ..stretch your muscle.

Exhibits #2 - too many pictures and video (got Green efforts, Balls, and smoke)
Video : Climb up, climb down..inside the Net

Amazing, we managed to find five Old Crts in high-tech Science Centre :p

Video - greenhouse effect.. what does your poo poo contain..yucks.(newater anyone ??)

Video : press the button, activate the light, and show-time. Carbon, emissions etc toxic.

Now I know where babies come from..

Video : feel my heartbeat
Human Biology class- with gigantic body parts

Someone's leftover food..
Video: Spin and see

Wei, becareful high voltage !! This is what they use in US jail !!

Video : No waterwork, as it was drizzling.
Ironic !! as children are supposed to get wet at this WaterWorks corner?
Luckily the kids are tired already. They are disappointed, but did not kick up a fuss.

**we brought them to Mac for late lunch.

Daddy :
Looking at the kids run around and touch/feel/see all the science exhibits, allow Daddy/Mummy to relive their childhood days again.
Hopefully, kiddo's curiosity are tickled, and they will get engaged with Science, and ask more questions.
More info -->
Another place which allows endless exploration is DiscoveryCentre, but the ticket are more expensive.

More Videos : It is easier to visualise the special effects, than to try to explain with my limited vocab :p


  1. didnt try the water play for kids?? or it does not exist anymore

  2. drizzling, and staff disallow anybody to get wet. Citing safety reason :(

  3. disappointing...

    hope it dun rain when we are at redang.

    btw what u need to prepare when going there?

  4. bring sandcastle equipment.
    if underwater photography, bringing my dicapac wp510.
    also mosquito spray :)


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