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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Istana - Hari Raya Open House

Every Public holiday, Istana is open to the public.
Today is Hari Raya, and we storm Istana, hoping to meet our esteem President, Mr Nathan.
We arrive at about 0915, and we were already perspiring within 15 mins.
Video : Push harder up the slope !!
Now you see them, now you don't.
Boys were running all over the Istana lawns.
We saw Mini birdpark, and friendly police uncle/aunties...
Destination playground, we spend almost 30 mins here.
Yi is a small but daring Commando, look at him scale the slides !!

Video : Crocodile rock, just nice for 3 boys

Video : swinging

Yi was forced to leave reluctantly. or risk abandonment :p
In deep thoughts ??
Fountain !! cool refreshing water.
Video : Fountain

Modelling and posing in front of Istana. Daddy wonder why so many funny faces?

More funny faces. Kids want to know why No-Entry.
Daddy bluff President having breakfast, do not Disturb !!
Recharge - by drinking h20, and admiring the flowers.
Recharge with d0nuts. Yi only came running when he saw something delicious (glutton)

Our picnic corner is secluded, and offer nice view of Istana facade, and lawn, fountain.

Postcard : Istana playground
Video : round and round the garden

Yi is tired after all the running :)
Luckily, we got a stroller on standby.
However, Daddy say he got two coollies to help push the Mcclaren ??
Sometimes, we do not understand Daddy X@#$@

Video : more water

Ice cream break. Well deserve rest under shady tree.
Yi had fun feeding Daddy.

Video : Wei and Kang disturb Yi, until he retaliated !!

Toilet break. St John Jie Jie thinks Yi is cUte.

We found this low-lying branch, and Daddy thought we should have a snap.

The cheeky boys had other ideas, and started shaking the branch up and down.
Oops, there is another family having picnic at the end of branch. Mischievous !!
President's Aide-de-Camp
(Kang ask why this solider uncle can move? unlike those standing on guard)
Jamming session with Green Ridge Primary

Video : Xylophone prodigy?

Yi got splahed from left-over water from top of Tent. All Wet !!
Kang and Wei need an afternoon nap??

On our way out, we pose with the Guard again (first picture).
And we wonder why he never smile :)
Bye Bye Istana. We had fun.

On the way home, we pass by F1-Singtel promotion at Plaza Singapura.
Small boys can pose and hug with sExy Jie Jie, Daddy so jealous :p

Daddy : A pity Mr Nathan could only come in the afternoon, we would like to shake his hands.
Next time, we should organize a picnic, listen to the orchestra.. under the beautiful clear blue sky.

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ps.. did you notice all boys were wearing same Dragon motifs?


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  1. You can ask your big boy to take photo for your wif the sexy jie jie...hahha


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