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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Zoo 20090809

Happy National Day Singapore !!
The weather was good today, and we embark on another Zoo trip.

Look at Xin in her cute cap... she look so cosy.

We saw a Tapir.. kids want to know how it feed on ants.

Yi gets to sit on the stroller, but he prefers to come down and Run.

Mummy must be tired, Xin is 5Kg now.

Wild boar

White Tiger prowling

Kids peeping at the tiger.

Australia Outback ranch.. everyone had a chance to drive the old Australian LandRover.

Kangaroo abound.. no Koala.

This bird's name is tongue twister, Cassowary.

Look at us, all decked in Red and White :) for the festive mood.

Take a break, view the Elephants

Water parade

The herd is coming

Female ele bathing and playing submarine

Video : Elephant bath and submerge

Splash Amphitheatre - Full house

Yi refuse to sit down, and became very temperamental..
He was crying and howling for one full minute.

This penguin seems to enjoy their ice cool water. While we are sweating away.

Video : penguin jumping

Sealion - star of the show

Kang wanted to pose with the walrus, seals, and Wei gamely join in.

Camoflaged wild green snake spotted in the bushes
Along the path, we saw this poster

This tortoise is between 60 to 70 years old. Those super-giant tortoise can easily live beyond 100 years old and weight 200kg !!

Lizard, look like iguana?

Komodo dragon

Yi and Wei posting in front of Komodo posters

A few gavials

Croc omelette anyone? Just make sure Mummy croc is not around.

Video : crocodile

Map of Rainforest KidzWorld
We went round the stable to look at the horses, ponies and goats.

Yi is now old enough to enjoy the Zoo with his brothers.
Gesturing at every animal and plant.

This goats looks cute

Video : billy goat

House of horror !!
This exhibit look scary..especially as 7th Ghost month is coming..
The giant cockroach and mosquito does not help to ally our fears.
Boys refused to be photographed with the occupants.

Highlight of the day - water play
Kang , for some reason, was always at the water-guns. (look at him in the background). Daddy is always his target.

Otherwise, Wei, Kang and Yi were having a rolling good time.

Video : water splashing (Wei will go and sit under the pail for maximum impact)

Video : Wei splash water

Sibling rivalry
Daddy had his hands full, trying to see where the boys are.
There were so many happy kids wadding in the pool, including Daddy.

Time to go

Why is the baby monkey pulling his Daddy's tail.. ouch..

Video : Proboscis Long tail
Yi anyhow run again

Tram ride

After taking over the bottle, Yi dozes off within 1 minute. Oncoming visitors were amused that he can sleep, but he still hold on to bottle.
Yi got the 睡神 koon(4) shin(2) genes of Lee family.

Video : one little pig goes to sleep

Daddy : Zoo is huge, we cover less than 40% in 4 hours.
All three kids were knocked out in Daddy's car on the way home.
Zoo map -->


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