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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sengkang Riverside Park

One afternoon, Daddy brought us to the latest Park in Sengkang.
No more fever, and it was good to smell some fresh air. Hurray.

Weather is good, and this place is still very quiet.

Of course, no fishing allowed.

A small pebble path. Daddy struggle to bring us to the other side of the park, as everyone were busy collecting pebbles.

Even Yi performs a "Monkey see monkey do".
After collecting all the ammunitions, the boys arty into the pond !!
Another no fishing sign, maybe nPark got some pricy arowana in the park?

Nice background view LRT and flats.

Top of the hill. Yi still very sprited.
Video :Then suddenly he wants hug hug :0
What did we see from the bridge?
and under the bridge? No Trolls, to Wei and Kang's disappointment.

Tired, and Yi is hungry.

SengKang Riverside park is still very ulu, as it is very new.
It actually consists of three parcel of parks.

Have you visited the other part of Sengkang Riverside garden?
--> Stones :
--> Fish feeding : --> opening of Floating island :

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