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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Botanic Gardens - Forest Exhibition and Concert

Last month, we went to the Forests, People and Environment exhibition at Botanic Gardens. Actually the theme was "Year of forests", and we can learn about Singapore's forests and it's biodiversity.

It is an ongoing education to teach our next generation about human's inter-relation with nature.
No nature, no habitat, our lives will be devastated !!

Kids get to identify their "neighbours" living in our forest.

Kang paying attention to the rain forest..

Daddy love how the halls and corridors was transformed into a Green background theme.
Even the ceiling is draped with dried leaves !

Our boys get to learn about what we can do to conserve our fragile forest.

Even the toilets were camouflaged ! You might miss the entrance ooops.

At another corner, we explore our rainforest's rich fauna and flora variety.

Daddy say something about road kills.. (joking)

There is an ongoing Nparks photo competition, click here for for more details. We love how Singapore's garden concept has changed from "Garden City" to "City in a Garden".

Video : Aerial view of Singapore's greens!

We are hungry after running around one whole afternoon, Daddy say there is a concert somewhere ,
and ask our ears to pick up the lyrics.

..but we are only concern about fun play and making more funny faces !

Have you wonder why Daddy is always obsessed to make us hip and hop ?

We end the day with some relaxing classical music on the greens. We saw young families
with dogs, bubbles, and most importantly picnic baskets.
What a great way to bond :)

To keep yourself updated about our parks and activities, you can subscribe to nParks newsletter or join their fanpage. There are tons of activities to engage the little ones during school holidays!
More information here --> http://www.nparks.gov.sg

** More photos are available at our fanpage album.

**If you love gardens and especially Orchids, there will be a World Orchid Conference in Singapore from 13-20Nov. Stay tune for our blogpost on Orchids :)



  1. thanks Xiao Xin, I love it too, but very challenging to ask kids "stay" still while I peep at them :)

  2. agree. love #1!



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