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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Arnold's Fried Chicken

Arnold's Fried Chicken, have you heard of this popular western fast food in Singapore?
It is not KFC, and it has got nothing to do with Arnold Terminator Schwarzenegger.

Daddy tried it once and love the stronger pepper smell of Arnold's Spring Chicken.
So tonight Daddy went to Hougang Green for another fix.

Little did Daddy know that his dinner become his family's dinner.
Pop goes the fries, where are the chicken wings?
Yes, our little babies were crowding around and Mummy was busy peeling the chicken,
and the kids were like piranha on a feeding frenzy !!!

Wen Xin nod her head every time we ask her "spicy?", but she will gulp some water,
and come back for more haha :)

Fortunately, Daddy still salvage a juicy chicken thigh for our friends and fans :)
Maybe you can hear chicken-little calling your name now, supper time?
Remember, if you want nice chicken dishes, try Arnold's (or Do & Me for more crunchier version)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Spring Chicken : $10.60
Queue time : 20 min
Failing to savour whole Spring chicken by himself : - 30 points
Watching kids enjoying their junk food dinner with relish : + 50 points !
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~



  1. the chicken sounds delicious! Btw, I love the new template. Much cleaner! Easier to read your entries :)

  2. I've heard of Arnold's but yet to try them. Are they better than KFC or Popeye? Heard they can be found in City Plaza too.

  3. the chicken sounds delicious!!

    popeye chicken sucks... but their mashed potato and biscuit is tops! Love it v much!

    I tried texas chicken but was sorely disappointed. Will give arnold's a try soon :D

  4. Yo Ed, thanks, both you and Ju Ann can "hear" chicken talk wow :p

    Susan - I prefer this to KFC, but Popeye got "biscuits" :)

    Ju Ann - if no good, don't blame me ok. (I used to love MarryBrown, but SG no more)

  5. I have been HG Green countless times but never tasted the chickens. The next time I drop by, I will grab one spring chicken from Arnolds:)

  6. Danesa : Try to avoid meal times queue, or maybe try their takeaway service :)


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