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Monday, August 15, 2011

The kids are eating screw brackets!

**warning** please ensure the little ones are not watching ...

Daddy got a shock earlier, when he saw Boon Yee munching on screw brackets!
The name might be wrong, but we use these brackets for hammering the nail or screws into wall.

Now, why would anybody design some sweets which look like screw or nails for that matter?

For the kids, it is sweet stuff, but for Daddy, his heart stop for a while as he was wondering how kids manage to find Daddy's toolbox!

** Please do not try this at home, kids will not be able to tell the difference between a sweet and the real stuff. Similarly, we need to ensure our kids can differentiate between M&M and panadol capsules !!

(keep the meds out of reach)



  1. Before such plastic wall plugs kind of candy, there were those that look like aquarium gravels even..

    Yikes! In the hands & mouths of kids, these candy - particularly the real thing (those are wall plugs!) - are dangerous!

    Good caution, daddy Andy. :-)

  2. Ourr generation grew up with dirt and mud, picking up food from the floor also no problem. But these candies might contain "chemicals" ingredients yucks.


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