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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

LV Parents' appreciation day

Yup, our pre-school mention Lee family is very supportive,
so LV decides to award us a token of appreciation :)

We always felt that for kids to enjoy their pre-school curriculum and environment, it is crucial for parents to network with teachers. Everybody would be aware of kid's progress and well-being.

Our whole family troop down to show our support.

There are balloons and magic show, story-telling to keeps kids occupied while the parents sneak out to receive their awards.

Unfortunately, magic did not work for Kang, and he STOMP out to look for us.... see, his face is still "black".

We are fortunate to have teachers who are patient with our kids :)

Thank you Teacher Ellaine and Ainn, and Principal Audrey :)
We take this opportunity to wish Teacher Ainn success in her new career path.

Did you know that all our kids start from infant care (2 months onward) ?
Except for Wei, No 2,3 and 4 were all groomed in LV :)

We do not claim to be experts in childcare education, rather, as both parents are working, the only alternative we had was childcare services. If you are interested in looking for a suitable childcare provider, please browse through our childcare selection criteria.


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