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Friday, August 12, 2011

What is Wen Wei doing in Primary Two?

Recently, Wei's Primary school got a Funfare event. Mummy took the day off to show support for Wei.

Wow, $3 to dunk your teacher, why last time Daddy/Mummy school day does not have this game (wicked smile) ?

Wen Wei enjoying his goodies :)

Mummy believe Wei enjoy his special treat today, together with his classmates, but alas, it lasted only a few hours. By the time kids had fun, and their lunch, Ring-Ring-Ring again.

Nerf gun can wait, back to class :)

On another topic, all students have to be deck in red white when they report to school. National Day must show patriotism :p

Next year Kang will be in Primary 1 afternoon class, and Wei will be in morning class. We will need to rearrange our schedules to accommodate the different school timing.

But Daddy and Mummy will continue to make an effort to engage the kids outdoors. We hope we will have more time to teach kids how to bike. Stay tune.


  1. Wei looks so grown up on the bicycle :)

  2. hi Germaine, he almost reach Mummy (Mummy only 1.6m), and weighs 35Kg. Skinny, but still growing fast :)


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