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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dads4Life Sandcastle adventure

A few good men pull their families along for an afternoon sand session with Dads4Life.

We went to East Coast to mingle with other Daddies and families,
and at the same time, try to build a winning SandCastle!
As NDP was just over, we got little Singapore flags to decorate our castles.

We were very Happy that Xavier could join us today :)

Hip Hip hooray !! we did not win, as competition was too strong :p

Look at the other amazing castles, great family effort :)
Everybody remembered to have fun along the way.

Hint : The winning castle got "durian" look-alike seeds for decoration. Congrats "Jbabies and Gang"

Who are our judges? Hillary, Paul, Nicholas and Sofina.

Never mind we did not win, Daddy Vincent and Xavier enjoy playing with sand and water.

We were starving after shoving and pushing for 2 hours :)
Look, kids got souvenirs too, everyone is a winner !

Beehoon, cakes, fishball, otak, every kid eating to their heart's content !

Some other Dads and family whom we met, hello everybody :)
Daddy is sure there will be more opportunities to catch up.

Thanks to Dads4Life for organizing a families get-together, we hope another event is not too far away :)

Dads4Life promotes active parenting, and share other Daddies stories in their portal too. Do grab your man, husband, boyfriend, or maybe teenagers to drop by for a visit --> http://dadsforlife.sg/

Click for more photos at our Sandy album!


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