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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who needs a maid to carry our Army bag !

If you have been following Singapore news, the hot story a few weeks back was this young Soldier who got his maid to carry his fullpack ! First impression would be to chide the spoilt child, but wait, are the parents not guilty as well?

In our society today, it is so common to see parents shelter and pamper their kids.
So can we blame the kids when he grow up expecting princely treatments and take everything for granted?

Daddy was thinking, how can our SengkangBabies grow up to be independent and self reliant? To start with, maybe kids can help with some household chores.

Wash car or corridor? No problem.

Look, we even invested in a whole suite of chambermaid accessories for Wen Xin. But Wen Yi seems more interested.

He tries to force Mei Mei to sweep the floor :(

Wow, this is cool. Now Mummy can outsource jobs to her little helpers.
Who needs a maid when our kids are so hardworking :p

Do you need anyone to keep your laundry or wash your utensils?
Ironing clothes and washing dirty linen would be too difficult for now hee hee.
(we better not push our luck)

Who enjoys a solid bone-breaking massage?

Tips to bring up independent kids

1) Ask your primary school kids to bring you across a road, instead of the parent walking infront. Throw "Responsibility" to kid to train his confidence. (please watch up for cars too as Primary school kids are still easily distracted !!)

2) Siblings are for life, they better appreciate this fact earlier, and take care of each other.

3) Other worthy traits to pick up, Empathy, Sharing, independence.


Even if we have a helper, Mummy and Daddy do not believe our kids need to be "served". A helper is just there to lighten the household chores.

We reward our kids after their hardwork, we are not maltreating anyone :p
Daddy is still working on his Kids-Duty-Roaster version 1.

Credit : Soldier pic taken from

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