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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day celebration

For mother's Day our teachers teach us how to make cookies and love-notes for Mummy. So sweet, Mummy almost could not bear to eat the cookies.

Daddy find the wordings too mushy "I love you, 我爱你". Daddy told kids they can use these sugar-coated words to woo their girlfriend next time :p

We went to Rivervale Mall's Korea BBQ Chicken for dinner, to celebrate Mother's Day with Mummy and Nai Nai 奶奶.

Food is so so, and we believe the chicken and beef should be better choice than the fish dishes.

Wen Wei ordered sambal fish, he prefers spicy dishes.

Beef for Mummy, too chewy

Grilled chicken for Daddy.

After Dinner, we decided to take some more photographs.

Who want to try the rides?

Happy Mother's day !

ps.. if you are looking for a cool dining place in Sengkang, we will recommend BrewBaker over BBQ, for better value, and ambiance. BBQ Chicken does not serve free flow sky juice.


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