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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rediscover Singapore ! URA recommendations

URA (Urban Redevelopment) has revamp their website to include maps and walking trails. There are a lot of tips and guides for families. Try to grab "Rediscover Singapore" booklet from Singapore City Gallery.

You can walk everywhere with these maps, Little India, Chinatown, Orchard and even around Clarke Quay. To quote from URA :
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
In our rush to explore the world, we overlook the fact that we are strangers to our own backyard. There is a rich variety of unexplored nooks and crannies. Be it nature and parks, heritage, sports, arts and culture, shopping, food and entertainment or simply leisure attractions, planners are continuously providing a wide variety of play options and uncovering many surprising places for all to enjoy!
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

We are more excited about Singapore's "Park Connector network".
Imagine cycling blading or jogging from one park to another.

Singapore's gardens and parks become one interconnected footpath.
But Daddy need to teach the kids how to cycle first ...

Daddy would recommend that you start with Singapore City Gallery first. This gallery contains Singapore's landscape and landmarks. Try to find your own town!

Read our experience -->

45 Maxwell Road
The URA Centre
Singapore 069118

Credits - Above first three pics are taken from URA website


  1. i have this book too! in fact, it's like my "bible" to check out less trodden places of attraction in Singapore! By the way, ur blog has been a great source of info for me while i was conducting research on old playgrounds in Singapore. Just visited a couple of the playgrounds today and I wouldn't have gotten to those places if not for ur blog and links to others! so just wanna say thanks! :)

  2. thanks for compliment Steph, you got some cool pics at your blog too. Will be following your blog :)


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