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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kids update - his Eye and her Poo

Boy cuts himself accidentally. Doctor suspect maybe pencil lead or paper could have poke his eye. Yi's left eye iris got a faint slash, and it bloodshot his eye.
We were so worried that his eyesight could be affected, but fortunately everything turnout well.

Wow, is our girl really growing up so fast? Teachers are slowly teaching her to do away with diapers. She has to wear her panty over her diaper. What ?? Everyday when we reach home, Xin will patiently show us how to remove and wear her own pants and skirt haha.

However, it was not so funny when Daddy was washing her soiled pants, and one lump of Poo drop off !! Tomorrow must ask which teacher give us "chocolate"!

Kids never cease to keep parents worried or amused!


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