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Monday, May 9, 2011

Potong Pasir 波东巴西 - a town forgotten

Potong Pasir (PP) has been around, but Daddy only took notice after Singapore's 2011 General Elections. We knew Mr Chiam See Tong was the Hero in Parliament. Period. (the joke was Mr Chiam See Tong's name literally means hold-on-for-a-while-more )..
but 27 years is not short !!

Today was Daddy's first visit to Potong Pasir. It sounds ironic that we pass by PP by road or MRT daily, but we pay little attention, much less harbour any thought of visiting.

Maybe this is an opposition ward? For some reason, Potong Pasir was not known as a place of interest. No gardens, any nice food? Although we often hear about how rundown is Potong Pasir.

Things will be changing soon, as PAP has taken over from SPP (Mr Chiam)
Will PP's landscape and it's people change forever?

We hear a lot of people are rushing to Potong Pasir for a portrait with Mr Chiam's "Welcome to Potong Pasir" poster. Not sure when it will be removed...

(credit. Table and cubicle courtesy from Andrew Lim)

Daddy was determined to captured some pictures from Mr Chiam's era.

The bridge to St's Andrew.

Daddy is not advocating any political message here, but visit Potong Pasir, see it like it is, before the town landscape is changed forever. Potong Pasir seems like any quiet neighbourhood.

Mr Chiam's poster is suddenly a tourist hotspot in Potong Pasir.

Read Alvin's posts on how Potong Pasir residents have given their support to Mr Chiam for 27 years! To them, Mr Chiam is Potong Pasir's hero.

ps.. more on Potong Pasir -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potong_Pasir


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