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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We won a Camera and an iPod :)

Mummy's department got a photo cum story competition, we won First and Third prize hooray ! Boon Kang will get to play with our new Nikon camera in Taiwan :)

First prize is a Nikon coolpix 5100 and Third prize is an Ipod shuffle :)
(Daddy would be overwhelm if we win a Nikon D5100 keke)

Here is our entries, no prize for guessing which cute pic won First prize :)

#2 Siblings (Blood is thicker than water)

We hope our little ones will standby for their siblings throughout.
The Chinese got an idiom "Blood is thicker than water".

Siblings are for life.
We embed attributes in our kids from young, to take care and trust each other.
When siblings work together, there will be less family tension and conflict.

When siblings start to look after each other, we hope they will grow up to be responsible adults.
When parents delegate household activities to kids (sweeping, washing, gardening),
we want the kids to enjoy working together as a Team.

When kids are looking after themselves, when they love and respect each other, siblings can pull a family together.
As a Team, siblings will be strong, and can face any challenges together.

Above vision belongs to Mummy and Daddy, which we hope to achieve.
When the kids are happy, their smiles are the only reward we parents need, and the only motivation to make us better parents.

… Meanwhile, back to the present, kids are still fighting over toys and remote control and iPhones :)


#1 Family (our cool activities)

We are one red-hot family!
When our kids wear Red and march out, people stare at us.
How did the parents managed to rein the active kids together?

Ever since the kids were young, we involve them in all our activities.
It can be a simple outdoor picnic, or a short holiday abroad.
We believe this is the best way for our family to bond and become stronger.

Through family activities, we are transferring family values to our kids.
Hopefully, kids pick up "empathy", "sharing", "independence", and become more confident.
When they see Mummy and Daddy loving and respecting each other, we hope kids will grow up to respect their partners too.

Outdoor activities makes our kids more robust, and less prone to illness.
Meanwhile, parents get to hone our parenting skills, and we can only improve as our experience grows.

So, getting together as a Family is not only Fun, but educational !!
Our kids only has one childhood, we wish to make it memorable.
This is Daddy and Mummy's Promise.


The camera freebie was a GorillaPod, and Daddy is having fun twisting the tripod around for his camera .

Thank you to the Uncles and Aunties and Kor Kor and Jie Jie who voted for us :)


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