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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Glorious Food and Landscapes await us in Taipei

Daddy will be advance party for SengkangBabies on this 台北 trip.
The very thought of the delicious street fare and beautiful landscapes makes Daddy drool !

Even though we are staying for 5D4N in 台北 alone, there are so many interesting venues that we are stretched for time :)

Daddy and Mummy have to take turn to visit the night markets, as it will be too difficult to handle the kids, and enjoy the snacks at the same time.

Taiwanese are known to be very friendly and hospitable, and SengkangBabies look forward to embracing their culture :)

Are you hungry already?
Wait for Daddy to bring you more food pictures haha :)

Meanwhile, we would like to recommend another blog which has extensive coverage of Taiwan :) http://jy-s.com/category/travel/taiwan/

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  1. I love Taiwanese street food..

  2. looking forward to be there someday

  3. jfook - people are nice, food variety, and so cheap !
    Ty - love your photos ! and I am convinced Taiwan is even better that our GoldCoast trip !


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