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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Making Singapore society more graceful..

In a few hours, Singaporeans will start voting for their favorite parties.
Come next Monday, it will be back to our usual routine, working or child minding.
No doubt colleagues will be having a lot of post-commentaries and story/jokes sharing.

Cycle repeats every 5 years.

Have we seriously thought of how Elections can affect our lives, our children's lives and even Singapore in general? Living in Singapore can be too comfortable, where we are pampered with material comforts and we take things for granted. Everything is so so convenient !

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Personally for Daddy, a gracious society is more important, and harder to achieve. Singapore can be the No1 in infrastructure, processes, and even services, but if Singapore still lacks graciousness.... that would be so sad. How long does Singapore society need to evolve from third world to first world mindset?

Some examples of inconsideration :
- people pressing the lift shut in your face
- blocking the Bus and MRT entrances so others cannot alight first
- hijacking "Reserved" seatings or eating in the trains?
- do we really need to use tissue paper/ umbrella to "Chop" reserve a seat in food court?
- littering. Why so many people are still throwing their rubbish everywhere? Do they know that we have a contigent of "old" cleaners who are working hard to keep Singapore's streets clean?
- if a driver signals to filter, please be patient, and not speed up to block !

The points listed above are common sense, but people choose to conveniently ignore.

Daddy thought we can afford to be less kiasu and kiasi, in our pursuit of a better lifestyle.
Hey, even simple "thank you" and "welcome" are getting more rare nowadays !
Before society develops to become more self-centered, Maybe we can encourage our kids to practice graciousness from young.

At the same time, Daddy thought we can do with less rules and fines or even legislation.
Is society not mature enough to think for ourselves, are Singaporeans really too selfish to care?
Daddy doubt draconian rules can stop inconsiderate behaviors completely.
It is up to you and me, to help ourselves, our families, our children..

What can we do to help Singapore moves towards a better society?

- starting with out kids, show them virtues like being considerate, polite, sharing etc. Parents should aspire to be role- models first :p
- do not turn a blind eye and act blur when you know something is wrong. Example in a train, we can help to ask someone to give up his seat for a pregnant lady.

Nobody is asking you to be a policeman, but if everyone keeps quiet, more people will believe that it is ok to be anti-social. Elections come every 5 years, but building a graceful society might take generations.

Before we forget, please vote for SengkangBabies' Boon Yee :p


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