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Friday, May 27, 2011

Shell Fuelsave - Kang took photo with pretty jie jie Eunice Olsen

Eunice Olsen (Shell FuelSave Ambassador) say she wants us! So Daddy brought Kang to Pungol Shell to meet her and take a photo. Eunice is really pretty in real person.

She is one of the most beautiful politician, Daddy shows Kang the link..

Now, who really want to meet Eunice? Is it Kang or Daddy haha

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Back to our topic :p
Shell wants you to take up their challenge.. how far can you go on 1 litre?

If you are the winner, you will stand to win fuel vouchers, and even represent Singapore on eco-marathon in Malaysia.

Little hope for Daddy as he always step on the gas, but for the chance to meet Eunice again, Daddy will try to drive "economy".

For you guys out there, Eunice will appear again 03Jun somewhere.



  1. Shell+Eunice was yesterday :)
    Nice chatting with u today, catch up again :)

  2. sure! the pleasure was mine. enjoy your taiwan trip =)

  3. Politicians now can like that liao ah, haha?
    Now times bo xiang liao loh..
    Hmm, we see little Kang beaming here..
    How much bigger must be the grin & delight of the daddy taking the pics! LOL! ;-)

  4. ..but Dave.. our politicians not full-timers what, so can have side line, unless ministers :)

  5. Ya hor, side line also not bad..
    Minister earn million dollar salary sure no need sideline one.. ;-)


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