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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

GE 2011 breaking news, our favourite Party is....

... In GE 2011, we will only contest for a SMC. No prize for guessing where SengKang-Babies is contesting. We know a lot of children can identify with our manifesto.

More About Party SengKangBabies

Our little MP :
- Lee Boon Yee
- 4 years old
- Cheerful, playful, know how to act cute

Our Manifesto :
- all children shall have fun
- to build more playgrounds in your neighbourhood
- no more homework and tuition

On 07May, look for our logo, vote Lee Boon Yee into Parliament. Daddy cannot trust the two smaller kids, as they only like logos with "Stars" haha.

We are currently still negotiating with the Elections-Department whether juvenile candidates can get pro-rated deposit, maybe we pay 10%, ie $1600
(that is still a lot of milk powder !)

On a side note, our kids say they like the Bear ( from red-party) who give sweets. Maybe the other parties will start asking their mascots to give sweets and balloons too.

With your support, in 2016, we hope to assemble all our babies to take on a GRC.
If Voting is based on cute factor, we will be a force to reckon with.

Signing off,
Chief Editor Daddy Andy

... disclaimer...
Above post is only meant to trigger your smile, as we understand elections can be very tense and stressful. We are not to be held liable when you cannot find our party-logo on 07May :p

--More voting information can be found @ http://www.ge.sg
--Above bear picture taken from TheOnlineCitizen


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