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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Princess Day 2

Mummy had stayed overnight at TMC herself. Unlike previous babies, Daddy could not be companion :( Daddy has to take care of three boys at home..

On second day, after sending the boys to school, Daddy went back to TMC again. Poor Yi was not feeling well, and Daddy brought him along.

Mei Mei sleeping again, all new-borns really sleep through, then wake up at night hee hee ..
Cosy Cosy.. hug hug..

We suspect Mei Mei is using "Head and Shoulder" shampoo, and nurse comb her hair ??

Yi dozes after his medicine and lunch, but was woken by Mei Mei's crying hee.
Poor boy did not have any toys, and Mummy/Daddy has to take turn to entertain him and bring him up/down the corridors :p
Sharing a meal, in fact Mummy complained Yi finish almost half her lunch haha.

zzz again... so comfortable in her cocoon blanket.

Bouquet from hospital, and boy's school, so sweet :)

Open two eyes, are you trying to smile? We confirmed she got double-eyelid, like her kor kors.

Open one eye, playing tricks with Mummy already?

Mummy : Enough milk? Hungry for more?

This girl got nice hairdo.. Daddy like her prominent Nose :)

Daddy showing off again...

After his meals, Yi brings his shoes to Daddy. Don't worry, Daddy got the hint.

Daddy : Mummy (and hopefully 妹妹) will be discharged tomorrow.
All our babies are born in Thomson, and we got our wonderful gynae (Dr Madeleine Tan) to thanks :)

Video : Baby Talk with our girl

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