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Saturday, May 23, 2009

sickly week

This week was horrible.

Since Mon - Kang had Fever (up and down), reaching near 39 on few occasions. Apparently infection, followed by Throat irritation.

Then Yi also started exhibiting similar symptom on Tue evening.
Luckliy his case was mild, we have to isolate Kang at night.

Only Wei is healthy, keeping our fingers cross.
Parents would know how difficult it is to isolate siblings, or even asking them to cover their mum when coughing !!

Thu - Mummy also felt weak..aiyoh...
Daddy has to fetch the boys to school, and teachers will be asking what happen to No2, no 3 etc etc.

We hope everybody will be fine after the weekend :)

On a side note, Daddy was wondering how many parents out there encounter this scenario?

1. You bring kids in, and teacher is taking the temperature for kid in front, read out loudly "38 Degrees".. But Parents is still trying to leave his child in school. This is highly irresponsible, and smack of inconsideration. With three kids in same school, we are highly exposed to any outbreak :(

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