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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Princess Day 1

Our baby's due date was supposed to be 08June :)
We thought we were prepared, but it was still hectic, or maybe Mummy and Daddy are too excited :p

0500 - woke up
0630 - admitted to TMC
0715 - brought kids to school (with Nai Nai's help)..Luckily they did not throw up a fuss
0745 - daddy back to TMC
0830 - mummy already dilated 3cm.
1115 - baby Pop (less than 3 hours hooray)
1800 - pick up kids to visit Mummy and Mei Mei
2100 - kids and Daddy knocked out ..zzz

We camp outside our school, can someone open the gates please !!

Wei and Kang understands Mei Mei is coming, but play is still more important to them haha.

Daddy went back to the ward.. D-day in room number "9".

As the timing closes in, Daddy and Mummy gets more tense. Daddy can only provide moral support :p (stand by her)

After 3 hours wait, Baby pops, Mummy only has to exert a few times :)
Sweet labour, and we got rewarded with a cute bundle hee.
Victory sign from Mummy, and to show our kids how they came into the world :p
Mummy is great, Love you ..

Tudung? We both thought Mei Mei was wrapped like our Muslim friends :p She look adorable. After getting Blue-cards for first three boys, a Pink-card was very refreshing !!

New upgraded room..two 42" LCDs, and one computer console (internet is free)..Wow, do we have time to enjoy the movies? Our nurses were very attentive and helpful. For those interested, $488/nite :) Husbands should pamper their wives :p (Mummy suffer for 38 weeks)

Look at 公主 (princess) chubby cheeks ..

Sleepy, and cosy, maybe she dreamt she is still in Mummy's womb?
Close up, she has a lot of hair :) and her skin is radiant (like lobster). Mummy say this is due to all the durian intakes !!
We thought her round-face, and hairy crop resembles Kang --> http://sengkangbabies.blogspot.com/2009/03/baby-kang.html
First prize winner - Andy and Mengchoo :) We just could not stop beaming with delight and we are very Proud parents !!

The boys arrive around 1800, had our dinner, and disturb, poke our new Lee Baby.
Wei and Kang (older) knows how to sing lullaby and sayang Mei Mei.
Yi (number 3) tries to imitate, and he use "extra" strength to pat Mei Mei's buttock !! haha

Wei :Mummy tell us the bike, and "cars" were gifts from our dearest Mei Mei.
Each and every of us will still be Mummy/Daddy's darlings :0
Daddy was forgetful, did not photograph the boys with their 妹妹.

shortlisted names
李文欣 (xin)
李文琪 (qi)
李文悉 (xi)
李文萱 (xuan)
李文慧 (hui)
李文彬 (bin)

Daddy : Big Relief for us, finally ORD. Yi is now officially promoted to 三哥.
With 妹妹's (sister) arrival, our Blog title Boys.Girl is fulfilled :)

Video - Mummy jubilant, Daddy proud
Video - Little sister is very alert

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