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Monday, May 18, 2009

Yi Yi is growing fast

16Months old

Our Yi is growing taller, and eating a lot. Teacher always compliment his round tubby :p

1. But he refuse to start talking, he prefers yakking, hand-signals to get his message across.
Ooi Yi, please call Daddy/Mummy soon ...

2. Mummy starts her maternity leave today, and she had time to update Yi's photo album. Yi at 05 Months..sitting on mini Tow truck..

3. Recently, Yi is starting to exercise all his motor skills !! Example, running zig-zag like a zebra, we knew he was enjoying his new found freedom, but the zig-zag?? Only Daddy can catch him, Mummy can't.

4. Yi sitting on his favourite chair, and we caught him twice standing on chair and popping his head through the basketball loop twice !! Have to move the chair further away !!

We also notice this little boy-scout likes to stand on stools, benches, sofas !! and start doing his yoga-swinging stunts (swing hands left/right, tilt head up/down), Daddy/Mummy cannot leave Yi to his own for more than 5 minutes !!

** We feel Yi is purposely doing the stunts to see how we react, then he will giggle.

5. Yi learns to use the spoon recently. And he wants us to know he is independent, and can self-feed now, often messing up the floor.
Poor Daddy has to cleanup :(

But why does Yi need to open his legs so big when he eats? For balance :p ??

Video : See what Yi does with his tongue, so cheeky.

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