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Friday, May 8, 2009

Mummy went checkout, Daddy baby sit us to United Square

Today, Mummy has an appointment with her Gynae at Thomson hospital. Unfortunately, we could not accompany as there was still restriction on number of family members (due to H1n1 Flu).

So, we bid Mummy bye bye, and Daddy scoop us to United Square.
Thomas Train Carousel, each boy occupy one cabin :)

Initially Daddy was worried about keeping us (little monkeys :p) entertained, but UnitedSq is built for Kids..
be it eateries, Montessori, Toys, photoStudios, water-play, etc etc... there were carousels and play-corners at every floor.. Kids would be spoilt for choice.

Outdoor water area was switched off for maintenance.. nevertheless Kids were still throwing debris into the water !! Daddy has to ask them to stop ...

We went to YaKun for TeaBreak. Mummy was late, and Yi might need his milk recharge anytime soon.

Wei : gobble down 1.5 egg, and 1.5 slice of kaya bread.
Kang : 1.5 slice of bread
Yi : 1 slice of bread
Daddy : crumbs and leftover egg white :( Luckily Daddy ration the meal first, otherwise, we will leave nothing for him :p

Daddy throw Yi into a cauldron, and he was stuck. End up, his brothers found it amusing and jump in together ?? Anyway, their eyes were transfixed into IceAge cartoon.

Video : boys chasing rotating logo

Yi was busy pacifying himself for the full 2 hour, really need to come up with strategy to make his pacifier "disappear" soon...

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