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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where is MeiMei 妹妹?

It is a question which we like to ask the boys :)

Wei and Kang : They know Mummy's round-belly nurtures our baby, but they have different opinions on where baby will come out from @@@ hee hee.

Yi : When we ask the Q, he will follow his brothers, and poke/sayang Mummy's stomach..so sweet.

Another favourite Q :
Who can help Daddy/Mummy take care of 妹妹? and share your toys?

1.Wei has a Big heart, and we can count on him to take care of his siblings. Always helpful and patient. (just don't meddle with his cars!! as Kang/Yi has got scoldings from Wei before..ouch)

2. Kang is mischievous by nature, and is always breaking the rules. Only when we have Yi, did we see the gentle side of him :) Kang "volunteers" his service, although his attention span is short. Well, some help is better than no help haha.

As Kang is middle child, he is the bridge between Wei and Yi, and he bonds easily with both. (we do notice Yi likes to mingle more with 二哥, that includes playing and fighting. ) Yi is smallest, but he is smart enough to hit and run !! When his brothers retaliate, this baby guerrilla will cry for mummy/daddy and act pitiful.

3. Yi might be too young to understand what it means to be promoted to 三哥. But he is already clinging ever so closely to Mummy. He is worried once 妹妹comes out, Mummy/Daddy might pay less attention to him :(

Mummy's due date is 08June, but we are expecting our baby to come earlier.
Wei - earlier by 3 weeks
Kang - 2 weeks
Yi - 3 weeks
妹 - Mummy is already complaining that she feels more Pregnant with this baby than the boys :) and wants to reduce food intake (Daddy will say Mummy is crazy, just eat normal, and leave the rest to nature)

Even though she is our 4th baby, Daddy is still feeling nervous.
We really miss the baby-smell from the boys, now they are
sweating more often yucks :p

Looking back, when Daddy/Mummy first knew that our Baby has no "birdie" during our routine Gynae visits, the feeling was better than striking lottery :o
It is a blessing to have a healthy baby, but if baby is a Girl, a Bonus :)

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