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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's day celebration

It is Mother's day lunch out for the weekend.

Sat - we went to celebrate for Ah Ma's at Airport Imperial Treasure (Crowne Plaza Hotel). Menu Tim Sum, this place is crowded., and the food is nice.

We were running around the small outdoor arena, and making fun at the sofa settings.

Maybe Yi did not think so, Wei/Kang were harassing him !! to Mummy's amusement .

After lunch, we went to the viewing mall again, for more landing/takeoff. We kids are amazed at the planes, crews, support vehicles, and can stay there for hours but Mummy/Daddy do not wish to see aeroplanes for an hour more. hee hee.

Children running and having fun. The weather was good.

Yi also mimic his brother to climb/jump every corner, and nook.

Rare moment when Yi allows Daddy to catch him. He was chasing after his brothers, or birds most of the time.

Tua Koo and Kim joined us at the airport, together with Kara, and Joley.

Suddenly, Wei/Kang like to don sunglass for every outing. Daddy say we are vain pot.

- We celebrated for Nai Nai at Expo's Baba King. Nice Peranakan food, but we got to ensure menu is not too spicy for Kang :p

Shu Shu joins us for lunch.

After a full lunch, we took a slow walk to help digest. The children are fascinated at the small fountain.

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