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Sunday, May 31, 2009

CMA Exam- Wei

Wei had his CMA examinations today (Arithmetic and Abacus).
This is the first time daddy join me.

Oh my, the test venue (Republic polytechnic) was packed. Children, Anxious parents, and grandpa/ma.. not to mention the siblings..

Wei mention he wanted a trophy last week, but Daddy is worried about competition after seeing so many kids packed together (800 students targeted !!)

Daddy : Wei, just do your best.

The kids are in Room 1/2m and the parents were herded into Room 3/4. The parents can view Room 1/2 via a direct link video.

My teacher :)

another teacher, Mr Tham

Anxious parents waiting for results, and ceremony.
Exam took only 1 hour, but the waiting time stretches to hours :p

Daddy ask Wei to pose infront of the medals, set yourself a target for next exam, must get 1st or 2nd prize :p

Hooray : Wei got 3rd for Abacus, and 4th for Arithmetic .. Well done !!

Time to pose and showoff to Mummy.

Mummy promise "bagugum" (not sure whether spelling correct), if Wei get a trophy.
Now Wei will be one happy kid.
Daddy and Mummy are proud of Wei.

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