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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

last weekend..Sunday update - gardening

We had prata for breakfast.
Wei is a spice lover, he really loves his curry gravy, and he has even tasted wasabi before !!
Kang on the other hand, refuse to even touch Maggi chilli. Only Ketchup.
Yi seems to be adventurous, so we will slowly add some spice into his life (@#$daddy sniggering)

We went flower shopping at Jalan Kayu flower plantation, and Kovan. Saw a lot of plants, but children were asking about the Venus Fly Trap, and Pitcher.
They are fascinated about how the flies/ants get enticed, trapped, and "somehow" digested by the plants.. However, this small potted plants are not cheap, $20+

(picture taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Dionaea_muscipula_closing_trap_animation.gif)

Daddy need to get flower replacements.
Apparently Daddy does not have green fingers, and his flower will either wilt or infested after a few months. We are not even talking about flower/fruit blooming..yet.. hee hee.

Racing Cars
In the afternoon, daddy brought us downstairs to play with our Remote Control (RC) cars. We were running each other down, and trying to accident the RC cars.

Daddy has to try so hard to ask us to stand still, and control the car via the remote. We were running after the cars with their remote !!
Seems like this is a trait among all kiddies?
Daddy will have to teach them the meaning of R-e-m-o-t-e :)

Just another lazy Sunday...

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