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Monday, October 24, 2011

Punggol Waterway

**updated 2011Oct28 - do avoid going over lunchtime, as there are very little shelters. And no one seems to know about the water-feature playground's operational timings.

Yesterday, Punggol Waterway was officially opened. We saw the bouncing castle from far away, but what capture the kids' attention was the water feature playground !

If you forgot to bring swimwear, just go in with undies :)
Kids were having a ton of fun splashing around. Cool !

Families come out in force to support Punggol's "Venice".

When we arrive at 6plus, the sun has already set. But the atmosphere is still one of celebration.

Love the water bodies, canoes, boats, even a leisurely walk along the river proves relaxing. We definitely need to come back for a cycle, and explore the other sections of Punggol Waterway.

Daddy love this motion pic, the boat seems to be zipping down river at full speed.

The special lighting on the ground looks like an inferno illusion. Spectacular !

We end the evening with Fireworks

Video : Fireworks !

If you need more information about Punggol, do pop by
They have an article on how to get to Punggol places of interest.

For more night shots and carnival photos, please click SengkangBabies fanpage.
Daddy did some night shots earlier.

Video : Ch8 coverage



  1. Thanks for linking to my blog. :) Great to see a different point of view of the show. Great pictures. My favourite is the motion blur. Cheers, Haslinda.

  2. u are most welcome Haslinda, good things must share :)

  3. Hi Andy, Raymond here, your Portsmouth classmate. Can i know what is the exact location of this My Waterway@Punggol? Can't pinpoint it on Street Directory or Google Map. Need the exact location as i will be bringing about 50 senior citizens out for a day tour next month. Can you contact me at shaohua_sg@hotmail or send me a private message at Facebook? Thanks!

  4. hihi. pls email me the exact location. i have trouble finding the place :( thanks v much

  5. hi Pei Zhen, I assume you are talking about waterplay area? Refer to this link -->

    Look at the map, mark as "Family Fun".


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